Remove Subscription Fee, WhatsApp Now Free

WhatsApp become one of the instant messaging application that was popular among the urban community. It is said that after one year, users will be charged and reported WhatsApp will eliminate the imposition of that fee.

Android Authority reported on Tuesday (01/19/2016), founder Jan Koum WhatsApp announced, the company is removing the annual WhatApps subscriber during the next few weeks. This step follows a recognition that the system is not working properly.

As the Koum at DLD Conference in Munich today, “We just do not want people to think at some point in their communication to the world will be cut.”

In response, the question arises, will be introduced WhatsApp ads to help pay the cost? The answer is no because according Koum, WhatsApp will continue to be free. Instead, the company will see the introduction of different ways to communicate with the company WhatsApp users.

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