Advanced Features in Cars Save Lives Passengers


Human life is in the hands of God, while humans only endeavor as much as possible in order to avoid death. In the world of transportation, automobile safety features continue to be developed to make passengers avoid the adverse effects of the accident.

Safety technology in the car continues to grow from year to year. Various automobile manufacturers also continue to refine their products with new features, both active and passive.

One of the car manufacturers are aggressively developing this technology is a Volvo. In fact, the Swedish premium car manufacturers boasted that by 2020 there are no more accidents in Volvo that causes death or serious injury to the passenger.

“Long-term vision is will no longer crash the car,” says Volvo spokesman Jim Trainor on the sidelines of the Detroit Auto Show, as quoted by AFP.

According to him, the key safety features on their products is they really operate as its function is not actually interfere with the driver.

“If there are problems too often on braking, they will turn off the system (feature) salvation. We need to calibrate the system so as to give the driver a chance at the last moment to take action,” he said.

Safety features developed by the work of preventive to prevent accidents, such as blind spot detector that works to detect other vehicles are approaching, adaptive cruise control that reduces the car’s speed automatically according to the distance the vehicle in front, and the camera function is to provide a warning to the driver if the car off the track.

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